The 10 Books I Want To Read This Summer!

One Last Stop: Casey McQuiston: McQuiston, Casey:  9781250244499: Books

One Last Stop – Casey McQuiston

To literally no-ones surprise this book is on my summer TBR. RWRB is my all time favourite book and I truly adore Casey’s writing so this is a must! I’ve never read a book that mixes romance with time travel so I’m buzzing to give this one ago. Plus it’s set in NYC where my heart is longing for a trip too!

Any Way the Wind Blows

Any Way The Wind Blows – Rainbow Rowell

I’m very scared about how much the third book in this trilogy is going to hurt me, but I can’t wait to see where Baz and Simon’s story will end. I know this book is going to be an emotional rollercoaster, but if you’re looking for a YA Queer Urban Fantasy series this is the perfect for you!

Role Model (Game Changers Book 5) by [Rachel Reid]

Role Model – Rachel Reid

Rachel Reid should honestly be crowned as one of the Queen’s of writing Sports Romance, because every single book I’ve read of hers so far has been nothing less than amazing and I’m sure this will be exactly the same. I can’t wait to go on grumpy Troy and social media manager Harris’s journey. I haven’t even read book 5 yet and I’m already excited for book six in the Game Changers series!

Winning With Him (Men of Summer Book 2) by [Lauren Blakely]

Winning with Him – Lauren Blakely

Honestly still gasping about the cliff-hanger the first book in this duology left us at and am so glad there is only a month between the two being released because I can’t wait to find out what happens to both Declan and Grant and to see them get a happy ending! If you’re looking for a steamy baseball sports romance then this is the one for you!

Cool for the Summer – Dahlia Adler

I’ve been excited for this book since I saw the title (because, duh Demi Lovato), but also because it’s about bloody time that we got some more female bisexual main characters. I’m really excited to read Lara’s internal conflict as she struggles to choose between two love interests, plus watching her go on a real journey of self discovery!

The Key to You and Me by [Jaye Robin Brown]

The Key to You and Me – Jaye Robin Brown

This is an author I was unfamiliar with until I stumbled across this book on GoodReads, but now I’ve checked out their previous works I’m very excited to have discovered them. I’ve been looking for a sweet, small town romance for a while now after reading so many last year and this seems to be a perfect descriptive fit for the requirement!

Heartstopper Volume One by Alice Oseman

Heartstopper Series – Alice Oseman

I am so late to the hype train for these books. I tried to read volume one on my Kindle and it wasn’t the best experience, but I’m going to sit and read all 4 in paperback and I just know that I’m going to adore them. Plus just in time for the TV show!

She Drives Me Crazy – Kelly Quindlen

Let’s be real, there aren’t enough F/F sports romances and when I saw this was coming out this year I was SO excited and now I finally have time to read more and I can’t wait to sit down and crack on with this book and explore Scottie and Irene’s story!

When You Get The Chance – Tom Ryan & Robin Stevenson

A queer, cousins road trip to Toronto – my favourite city in the world – in a book? Sign me right up. This has been on my TBR since it first went up on Goodreads and it’s about time I get round to reading it and summer seems like the perfect time for it. Plus road trip storylines are my actual fave!

The Charm Offensive: A Novel by [Alison Cochrun]

The Charm Offensive – Alison Cochrun

I’m cheating with this one as it actually comes out in September, but I’m buzzing for this book. I’ve seen nothing buy hype and rave reviews about it so I’m ready to get reading. This looks like it’s going to be the most perfect rom-com, plus it’s comped to RWRB so I don’t need any further encouragement to read it.

If you think there are any other books that I should be keeping my eye out for this summer then drop them in the comments box below!

Also, what’s on your summer reading list? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. good luck with your tbr! they all look like fantastic reads!

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