What to expect from this blog?

  • Infrequent posts – I plan to use it whenever I have something to say. I can’t promise regular weekly or even biweekly posts, but I plan to put my thoughts and feelings here sometimes.
  • Book reviews – Some months I read nothing, some months I read 30 books and there is hardly an in between for me.
  • Writing updates and tips and tricks – I have so much to say about my writing and what projects I’m working on so expect a lot of these posts
  • Life updates – Life is crazy and chaotic and sometimes I want to share all the good and the bad going on in the world so might as well do it here, right?

My Olympic Enemies Querying Journey!

How it all began: Olympic Enemies is the book I’ve been dreaming of writing before I even properly began writing again in 2017. I’ve been writing from a young age, but never really anything serious (I spent 3 years between 13-16 writing Glee fanfiction). But in 2017 during my year abroad in Canada, I fell…

The Books I’m Excited For In 2022!

Next year is already shaping up to be an INCREDIBLE year for Queer books, so I thought I’d put together a wonderful list of books I can’t wait to read in 2022! There were honestly so many more books I wanted to include on this list like ‘The Long Game’ by Rachel Reid in April…

Let’s Talk Queer Lit (Literally)

You ever get that feeling when you walk into a place and feel like you’re at home? That’s exactly how I felt when I walked into the Queer Lit store in Manchester on it’s opening day in Manchester. Armed with one of my fave people and a full bank account ready to buy books I…

The 10 Books I Want To Read This Summer!

One Last Stop – Casey McQuiston To literally no-ones surprise this book is on my summer TBR. RWRB is my all time favourite book and I truly adore Casey’s writing so this is a must! I’ve never read a book that mixes romance with time travel so I’m buzzing to give this one ago. Plus…

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