Cherrington Academy

Logan’s the new boy at Cherrington Academy, a boarding school that’s promised to provide him with a safe haven away from homophobic bullies and neglectful parents. He’s left all that 2000 miles away. What he doesn’t expect Cherrington to provide is; a bunch of friends who want to adopt him, a mysterious roommate who’s never home and a gorgeous guy with a secret crush on him. His perfect new life begins to unravel when he discovers a web of secrets amongst his friends. Plus his roommate? Partial to blackmail. That gorgeous guy? Well, he’s taken by one of Logan’s now closest friends. Can Logan shut off his feelings to protect his new friendships and the happiness he’s found at Cherrington Academy? Or is love really just all-consuming?
L-R: Libby, October, Ameliah, Charlie, Logan, Isaac, Noah and Joshua!

Meet the cast!

Logan – Our main character in this story – He’s running away from the trouble of his past, to what’s supposed to be his new, safe haven. What he actually finds is a school full of secrets and finds himself becoming entangled within a web of lies.

Isaac – Our love interest – To pretty much everybody he’s the school’s trouble maker, but underneath it all he’s a sweet poet that’s been stuck under the pressure of his ever successful parents for far too long.

Noah – Our antagonist – He’s Logan’s roommate and right now he’s all grump and no fun. He’s the most secretive person going and he’s not opposed to blackmail, but when all is said and done he’s harbouring the most heart-breaking of secrets.

Charlie – Our School prefect – For three years all he’s wanted to do is keep the boys dormitory in some kind of order, but when his best friends have a habit for sneaking out to bars and causing chaos it’s pretty damn difficult. Also doesn’t help that he’s harbouring feelings for someone he really shouldn’t.

Joshua – Our peace keeper – One of the three musketeers (Isaac, Charlie and Joshua) he often finds himself having to play the middle man in-between the prefect and the trouble maker. Yet he’s still the chillest one of the gang!

October – Our love interests, love interest – She’s the queen bee amongst the girls as track team captain and superstar cheerleader. She’s also Isaac’s girlfriend of two years, but all of this is about to go down the drain once he meets Logan…

Ameliah – Our little miss I see everything – She’s the quietest of the gang, but she’s observative to the point that you don’t have to tell her your secrets, she’s already witnessed them happening from afar.

Libby – Our body positive, cheerleading, MUA – Completely unlucky in love, but still continues to put herself out there to every cutie she’s crushing on. Absolute girls girl and will always have her best friends back.

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