Cook Until Your Heart’s Content

I’m not ashamed to say that this story idea came about because of watching to much Masterchef Australia during lockdown.

Cook Until Your Heart’s Content follows Brighton homeboy, Gus, as he enters the UK’s biggest tv cooking competition – Mastercook. With the support of his best friends, Aiden and Chelsea, and his parents he moves into the Mastercook house in Wales for anything up to 10 weeks.
He’s there for the competition, to do one of the things he loves to do and to see if he what it takes to change his life forever. It’s the tenth year of the show and this year the prize is huge – £100k, a contract with a literary magazine and work experience with a top UK chef.
What he doesn’t expect is to meet Atlas Abernathy, Edinburgh born and bred turned Oxford graduate now History teacher, who he can’t help but develop feelings for.

One of my favourite things about writing this book was exploring Gus’s Demisexuality. During the time of writing it I was in the process of figuring out if this was the label that fit me and exploring the identity it literature was definitely helpful.

CUYHC is currently just a first draft, but I’m starting to build big plans to tear it all apart and revise it into something beautiful. It has a wonderful shell, but since I finished writing draft one in November I’ve had so many ideas in how to make it better. Because of this I don’t currently have any beautiful artwork for it, so, for now, you’ll just have to appreciate the aesthetic I made.

Some of the recipes you can find inside of CUYHC:

If you want to see where all my inspiration came from for this book you can watch Masterchef Australia here!

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