Olympic Enemies

L to R: Tom, Lucas, Oliver and Julius.

Olympic Enemies, where to start?

This book is and has my whole heart. I wish I could tell people how much I truly adore it, but it’s probably not natural for me to love my own book so much. I can’t wait for it to be published in 2023 with The Wild Rose Press!

Why so much love? This book has everything I love to read and all the things I’ve ever wanted to write inside of it!

  • Enemies to lovers
  • Sports romance
  • Queer athletes
  • There’s only one bed, but with my own special twist.
  • Three musketeer’s
  • Twin sibling love
  • Found family in a sports team
  • One badass momma.
  • Grandparents who will go out of their way to support you
  • Roommates/forced proximity
  • The perfect mix of soft and angsty
  • Steamy nights
  • Olympic gymnastics aka one of my fave sports in the whole world


The British Gymnastics team are a powerhouse and predicted to win big as they descend on their journey to the Paris 2024 Olympics. What isn’t predicted for teammates and enemies, Oliver and Lucas, is a whirlwind relationship both on and off the mat.

Ever since Oliver beat Lucas to a place in the Olympic qualifiers four years ago, a grudge has stood between the pair. So, when they are forced to share a room at the Olympic Village, all past hurt and conflict rises to the surface. They both want to win, but with Oliver as team captain and Lucas being the ultimate lone wolf they can’t agree on anything. That is until Oliver stands up to the press for Lucas, finding a sliver of common ground between them. Well, almost. When their fighting turns to kissing, and their kissing turns to the utmost heartbreak for the pair, it’s no longer just gold medals on the line — it’s their hearts.


One of my favourite things about writing this novel was the research! It’s so easy to enjoy researching books when your research looks like videos such as this and this! Gymnastics is easily my favourite Olympic sport to watch, but watching them for research was completely different. I must have spent over a hundred hours watching footage, watching routines slowed down to 1/4 speed so I could see every single move intrinsically so I could capture it in perfect detail on paper. The sport itself is so beautifully artistic and powerful all at the same time – if you’ve never given watching it a chance I would definitely give it a watch.

This is the song I listened to over and over again when it came out in the middle of me writing the first draft! It is literally the MOST perfect song for this book.

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